Especially delicious asparagus

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My wife is the queen of asparagus. She does them lightly sauteed and then finished in balsamic vinegar and garlic mix that’s divine.

But I tried my best to one up her recently.

At a dinner hosted by a friend, I was exposed to an incredible way to grill asparagus: with cheese and prosciutto.

Talk about easy. Actually, the biggest problem, if you get your prosciutto really thinly shaved, is keeping the slices separated.

I rinsed my asparagus, chopped off the tails, mixed up the cream cheese and added some spices, and was ready to go.

In no time you’ve got your spears of asparagus wrapped and ready for the grill, and in an even shorter time, you’re looking at an empty plate, wondering where it all went. Trust me, it’s popular!

For the recipe, click here.