Corn on the cob on the Q

corn on the bbq 2
Trust me, once you try this, you’ll never want to boil corn again.
I’d had several people tell me that barbecuing corn on the cob is the way to go, but until I got the Big Green Egg, I’d never tried it.
Now I’m kicking myself for missing out on all these years.
This is something that can be done on any barbecue, regardless of whether you run on charcoal, propane or natural gas. I just like it on charcoal because it does add flavour.
The key is to not shuck your corn. In fact, you’ll want to soak it for a while too before pulling the corn silk.

And instead of adding butter at the end, as you do with boiled corn, you add it – and whatever seasonings you want – before cooking!

Sound weird? Maybe, but what you get is moist, delicious corn on the cob.

Melt the butter and add your flavour choices beforehand. For us, it was lemon pepper, garlic and Dizzy Dust barbecue seasoning. You can even add your favourite herbs! Just stir it all together and set it aside near where you’ll be handling the corn, likely near the barbecue.
When we tried it for the first time, I feared the corn, despite the pre-soaking and the addition of the butter before cooking, was going to be too dry. Boy, was I wrong!
This is the best corn I’ve ever had!
For me, the first taste of sweet corn for the summer is something I’ve long looked forward to, but now even more so.

For the recipe, click here.

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