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I never really intended on becoming an Outdoor Griller. Sure I had BBQ’d for my family while sitting by the pool in the summers, but my addiction started when I purchased a Large Big Green Egg.

I never heard of such a grill. At first look I thought that thing was the ugliest darn grill I had ever seen.  I had just tripped over them at a BBQ store that I happened to be driving by. In fact, I had gone in there looking for a Canadian Tire-type of smoker. I just wanted to do something a bit different with some of the wild game that I had successfully hunted.IMG_0006

After a couple of days, I started surfing around the Internet wondering if anybody knew about this ‘ugly’ grill. To my surprise, there were thousands of sites with a fraternity-type following. I then thought that I would buy a used one. This reinforced my decision to purchase, as there is almost NEVER a used large BGE available…figured everybody must love them.

I built my table, purchased my Egg and started cooking recipes from the Internet. The food was wonderful! Now I experiment with absolutely any and every combination of varieties of food. The rest is history!

Although there are many different cookers that are available, the one I talk about is a Big Green Egg. I have nothing negative to say about any other cookers that are out there.  Perhaps in time I will own a variety and I can speak of benefits of each…but until that time, I am a fan of any type of grill where people can go outside and cook like crazy…making delicious food for friends and family!