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Up until June of 2014, I was a quick-hit propane barbecue griller. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken breasts and steak were my staples. I was a speed griller – get the barbecue up to temperature quickly, get the meat on the grill and get it on the table.

That is, until Jeff exposed me to his Big Green Egg charcoal barbecue. The meat coming off there was ridiculously juicy.

Still, I was concerned how much longer it would take to heat up the ceramic beast as compared to my Broil King. But we timed Jeff’s Egg, going from cold start to 400 F, and the difference was only a matter of about 10 minutes. And my Broil King was quick to heat up.

I was hooked. We got our Egg and have never looked back. The same steak, chicken and hamburgers are even juicier on the Egg, and I now pay closer attention to seasoning and cooking temperatures. And the hot dogs, well they are darn near ballpark quality now.

But that’s just the tip of the Egg. The versatility of this barbecue is incredible. From low-and-slow pork shoulders and ribs to searing steaks, this one unit can do it all. That includes cooking like an oven, which is awesome during the heat of summer. You can cook whatever you want, outdoors, without heating up your home.

Am I a barbecue snob as a result? Hardly. If a buddy offers me a burger from his propane unit, as long as it comes with a cold beverage, I’m good.

We’ve got friends with other lump charcoal cookers, including a Komodo Kamado, the Rolls Royce of outdoor ceramic grills. They know their grills and produce some pretty awesome meals. We hope they will be contributing to our reader recipe sections as our website builds.

The bottom line is I love to grill. Spending time outdoors, sending sweet aromas through the neighbourood, cooking healthier meals on the grill, feeding friends and family and watching their reaction when they take that first bite is all pretty gratifying. And then I get to enjoy all the flavours as well, all while experimenting, tweaking and seeking to improve on recipes.